Garden & Landscape Design

We offer our Garden and Landscape Design service to private domestic clients as well as care providers, such as residential care homes, hospitals, schools, community gardens and public parks. Assistance can be given to commercial clients with acquiring funding for each project by providing an evidence based rationale to the benefits of community green spaces and therapeutic horticulture for each specific client group, as well as detailed visualisations that allow stakeholders to see what the garden will look like. 

Our garden and landscape design services encompass everything from small scale renovation to complete redevelopment of a site. Throughout each designs development we work closely alongside our clients to create unique design solutions for each individual project and site. Where possible we feel it is hugely valuable to the overall success of a project for us to work directly with the people who will use the garden. Where this is appropriate we run workshops with our clients throughout the design process to create a detailed design brief and establish an ownership of the garden from its initial conception.

‘Social science still has much to offer design, just as design has much to offer the social sciences. In participatory experiences, the roles of the designer and the researcher blur and the user becomes a critical component of the process’
(Sanders, 2002)

A successful design is achieved through a detailed and holistic design process, which is implemented in a number of stages detailed below:

Initial Consultation

Conversations at this stage will explore how you would like to use the garden and if there is a particular style or feel you would like to create. Early discussions will also establish the project budget, and key requirements of the resulting design, such as what activities the garden will need to facilitate, and any specific user requirements that need to be integrated.

Site Analysis

A comprehensive survey of the site is undertaken in order to ascertain important design considerations such as soil condition, topographical measurements and site specific characteristics.

Design Development

Preliminary design ideas and conceptual plans are presented to each client in the form of hand drawn sketches, 3D models and a draft masterplan. These ideas are then developed until everybody is happy with each aspect of the design.

Design Presentation

Conceptual plans are further developed to create a final masterplan accompanied by visualisations of the design. These documents are presented to our clients for their approval of the design.

Design Construction

A design detail pack is produced containing industry standard construction details and design specifications. These are created using computer software, which allows the design to be accurately interpreted on site. Assistance is given with all aspects of the construction phase, including liaising with contractors and project monitoring.


‘I feel the engagement we have had with young people during this project so far has been very productive – largely as a result of Sam’s ability to combine his horticultural knowledge and expertise with a natural ability to listen and respond empathically to the young people that have been involved.’
(Robin Tay, Devon CAMHS Participation Worker, 2015)


If you are interested in having your garden designed please get in touch, we are always interested to hear about new ideas and would be very happy to have a free no obligation discussion about your project.