Kingsley House National Autistic Society Preliminary Design

This is a preliminary design proposal, which is subject to change as required. The initial design brief included:

  • Sensory aspects e.g. Sensory paths and planting

  • Hard wearing and robust hard/soft landscaping

  • Multiple routes for exploration to different seating areas e.g dining area/communal space

  • Play area and participatory ornaments to engage with

  • Low maintenance

  • Connect with the existing horticultural space

  • Retain a walking route around the perimeter


At the early stages of this designs development we researched the possibility of removing the astro turf and tarmac from the area to replace with soil. However, the quotes we received were well above the entire budget for the design. This design aims to drastically reduce costs by building raised beds on top of the existing surface, only breaking the tarmac/astro turf inside the beds. There is the potential to leave the paths surface as they are, however they could also be removed and replaced with gravel.

Ease of construction has also been a key consideration within this design as we hope to use voluntary labour where appropriate.  The modular design would allow construction to be done in stages as required.

The next stage involves developing these preliminary ideas until everybody is happy with the design. A design detail pack is then produced containing industry standard construction details and design specifications, allowing the design to be accurately interpreted on site.